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   I am pleased to introduce the second volume of the International Journal of Public Health, Nutrition and Food Environment. This volume continues our ambition of offering Gold Scholarly Open Access journal. The ambition of the journal are firstly make this journal as platform of publication of research related to field of Public health, Nutrition and food environement.

Secondary to promote research in this field and give a hand, help junior researcher to reach new horizon for their career and parcipate to the resolution of the health issues that African population and other region from the world lives. We are sure that Open Access publishing will enhance the research publication in this region and to  advance scientific study and further the benefit to human health, and well-being.

The journal use a Gold Open Access with Continuous Article Publishing - (CAP) model for fast accessibility: articles are published as soon as they are ready - no need to wait for issue building. Therefore, all authors can submit their article at any time. Articles can be found, accessed and cited as early as possible to maximize citations. However, more articles are cited the h-index increases and your academic value increases also.

   We are a team of experienced editors, partnering with scientific societies, Univesity and High Institut and Editor leaders to improve research, innovation and education. TheInt. J. Public Health. Nutr. & Food. Environ strives to spread eminent ideas and research information to the scientific community. The journal empowers you with endless scientific research information and helps you in your progress of discovering the worlds around you. Because, we believe, there is best price for knowledge accepts the will to learn.

   International Journal of Public Health, Nutrition and Food Environnement opted for the interdisciplinary approach that relay Food Sciences, Public Health and Nutrition Sciences. These may enable us to bring together researchers from different fields and institutions to gain a deeper understanding of the various aspects of the relevant sciences phenomena. Thus the Int. J. Public Health. Nutr. & Food. Environ in areas that extend from public health, humain biology, human epidemiology to food sciences evironnement. Multidisciplinary approaches are encouraged.

Therefore, the composition of the editorial board reflects this interdisciplinarity approach, since it consists of researchers from different field of health and food sciences. This interdisciplinary publication will enable us to reach all scienctific researchers working in different fields and in different region from the world, and all readers specialized and no specialized, with different backgrounds and different needs but who are interested.
Publication in a peer-reviewed journal is the obvious goal of most research.
Thus, Undergraduate, Major Degree, MS and PhD Students need not do it alone International Journal of Public Health, Nutrition and Food Environment can help.
The journal has two missions:

. The first is to assist researcher’s from end to end of rapid publication of important, innovative and advances in all subdivision of knowledge related to health population and  nutrition scieneces, and to deliver an opportunity to discuss of emerged news information and questions regarding these tow cited field of science.

. Second, is to guarantee that the results of science are quickly disseminated to the public over the world.
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International Journal of Public Health, Nutrition and Food Environment
IJPHNFE JOURNAL is an International online publishing journal that publishes Open Access Journals in the current research fields of Health science & Food technology. IJPHNFE Open Access Journals acts as a connecting link between researchers and readers across the scientific community.
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The IJPHNFE Journal Follow the ICMJE Recommendations:
Call for manuscript:

   We now sincerely invite you to submit manuscripts to the Int. J. Public Health. Nutr.
& Food. Environ by using the e-mail: 


     The journal inviting all authors who want to submit their research paper for possible publication in coming issues of the journal:

       You can submit your paper at any time,
       The review stage takes only three weeks,
       The corrections suggested by the reviewers and IJPHNFE
team should be done in tow week after acceptance,
       The article is published in one week after receiving the final approbation and the correction of the gallery proof.

Int. J. Public Health. Nutr. & Food. Environ  is a quarterly peer-reviewed international journal. The journal’s full text is available online. The journal allows free access (Open Access) to its contents.

IJPHNFE Journal is published in English, and French. The articles are published continuously without waiting to complete the issue. All submissions should be sending electronically. All manuscripts are subject to peer review.

journal aims to give all researchers equal opportunity to share ideas, develop their career and for their work to have greater impact around the world.
  Int. J. Public Health. Nutr. & Food. Environ publish all field of research and technology on the basis of its originality, importance, interdisciplinary and coming trends affecting science, scientists and the wider public (Details can be found on the top of rubric ‘Aim and Scop’). IJPHNFE advances our understanding of all field public health and food sciences.

   In their commitment to furthering applied science, the IJPHNFE editors, reviewers, and staff have provided a consistently fast peer review and efficient publication process.  Average time of publication is one months (See details on rubric
''SCHEDULE OF MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSION''). Final versions of the articles are published  continuoselly and are optimized for search engine recognition, indexed in multiple databases, and archives.

   To make sure that you can receive messages from us, please add the email of the journal to your e-mail 'safe list'. If you do not receive e-mail in your 'inbox', check your 'bulk mail' or 'junk mail' folders.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons  4.0 International License.

J ournal of
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Int. J. Public Health. Nutr. & Food. Environ
International Journal of Public Health, Nutrition and Food Environment (IJPHNFE) does not charge a publishing fee.